Wireflow Free-Form

Manufacturer: VIBIA
Manufacturer's code: 0360
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  • Dimmable
Net Price: £1,719.12 / pc. £2,062.94 / pc.

The designer Arik Levy presents the Wireflow free-form pendant light. The Wireflow free-form pendant light consists of black electrical cable connecting light terminals using LED light source. Hanging lamps that can be installed on the ceiling or walls offering the user carte blanche when it comes to creating interior spaces. In this way Vibia offers lighting solutions to clients who only have access to wall plugs but require a hanging lamp fitting. There is an infinite number of options to choose from, between 1 and (up to) 9 LEDs, clients can choose between glass or non-glass versions, ambient or accent lighting.

Wireflow designed by Arik Levy. Hanging lap. The elegant structure of fine cables and LED terminal by Wireflow allows the combination of multiple individual pieces to carry out major graphic lighting installations which generate a visual opportunity of lines and points of light and bring a markedly conceptual character to an intangible product. Employing CREA product configurator software, the design can be modified to adapt to your specific project requirements. The electrical connection point can be positioned on the ceiling or wall.

Pressed-glass diffuser
002 04 Black lacquer RAL 9005
  • Box: Steel
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Diffuser: Glass
Technical characteristics
9 x LED 3,7W 350mA
DALI electronic dimming, 1-10V, Push
Led 2700 K. CRI >80. 4412 lm. 109 lm/W.
Driver included Constant Current 350 mA.
100-240V. 50/60Hz.

IP20 Class I F 1 2 1
Physical characteristics
0.27x0.6x0.6 m. / Vol 0.0972 m3 /
Gross weight 10. / Net weight 7.5.
Light distribution
General lighting:
Lamp for general lighting that equally distributes the light in all directions.
Photometric data
Efficiency: 54.92%
Coordination system: CG
Total Flux: 3834.00 lm
Maximum value: 73.75 cd/klm
Position: C=15.00 G=55.00
Isolux Isolux (Floor)
Light Position: X=0.00m Y=0.00m Z=3.00m
Light Rotation