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Manufacturer's code: T-2934
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SHADOW is a  larnp inspired by the light and shadow cast by the rays of the sun when they rneet architectural structures. SHADOW's aesthetic personality is rnarked by its enorrnous lighting capacity, which is powerful enough for any room. Created by JordiVayreda Projectteam design studio, SHADOW is a hanging light with a captivating, attractive design. The shade comprises a set of identical rectangular pieces of bent lacquered aluminum and an internal polycarbonate infuser that distributes the light evenly throughout the lamp. The light expands through the top and bottom via its components, casting an evocative play of warm, carefully-designed light and shade. Versatility marks the design of SHADOW, which as well as being perfectly suitable for the domestic environment, has been specially designed for contract spaces such as shops, hotels, offices and restaurants. It is so unique that it is alrnost a sculptural object for large roorns or double ceilings

Metallic pendant with polycarbonate diffuser on the bottom.

El. Fluorescent E27  2x20W  230V

LED E27 2x18W 230V

Finishes / Colors:

74 WH M White lacquer, matte, rough / Lacado blanco mate, rugoso
93 GR LM  Grey Limestone / Gris pardo