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OBS, a new collection designed by Estudi Ribaudi, is inspired by basic natural forms, separating the necessary from the superfluous to create a truly eco-logical lamp. With a wall sconce, a flush mount and a choice of two pendant lamps, OBS provides pleasant background lighting, which it projects onto the surfaces, giving a warm ambience to the room. Its stylized lines and clear references to the world of nature give a simple yet bold touch to the home, like water lilies of light on a stylish, contemporary domestic lake.

All OBS lamps use a low energy consumption LED system. Colored LEDs (RGB) are also available for projects. Minimum consumption for a subtle object, all expressed with a graceful gesture learned from nature.

The wall and ceiling versions comprise a base and circular shade which can be tilted up to 60 degrees, making it possible to direct the light, and are embellished by an elegant decorative rod with a chrome tip. The shade on the wall version can also be rotated, making it even more versatile.

Metallic flushmount providing indirect light. Adjustable head with a lateral swing up to 60º. Decorative chrome stick.

Hal. R7s 118mm ECO  200W 230V (included)

LED 2x17,5W Reg./Dim. ( 2700ºK , Ang. 120º ) 230V. Typ.* 2600 lumens (included)


Finishes / Colors:

22 Chrome

76 White

44 CP Copper