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In neutral colors and with a look that meets the demand for fashion and style, MIRIS is a comprehensive family, comprising of different pieces designed to satisfy your lighting needs throughout the home. You should get to know each of them individually. MIRIS is a collection of very special creations that combine a metal ring with a translucent "screen" shade for a range of original and minimalistic luminaires.

This flush mount light fixture is both attractively designed and an efficient source of light.  It is a style far from disappearing from decorating trends, making a strong comeback in homes requiring discreet lamps that do not interfere with the overall picture of the space as can happen with some lamps. The MIRIS flush mount shares the elegance of the collection and the serenity of its rounded forms, giving out a general light suitable for any type of room. It is as attractive in a bedroom as it is in a hallway or even in the dining room. It is a discreet option that comes with a choice of a white or black polyester fiber shade in two colors, and a range of satin-effect gold, nickel or chrome trims.  The satin effect glass is the main element, as it is entirely visible from below and allows the light to shine through.

Flushmount providing direct and indirect light. White or black shade made of polyester fiber protected by a PVC coating.  White satin glass diffuser.

Hal. E27 ECO 3x100W 230V
El.Fluorescent E27 3x25W 230V
LED E27 3x17W Typ* 3x1055 lumens (Philips or equivalent)

El. fluorescent 2G10 4x36W universal voltage ballast

Finishes / Colors:

22 Chrome

37 Nickel

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