Fabricante : Estiluz
Código del fabricante: T-3636 C
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  • Body
  • Head
  • Temperature
  • Fabric Panel
Precio neto: €473.00 / pc. €567.60 / pc.

Open circles sketched in the air, or frames for fabric panels to soften sound. Pendant cylinders have alumimum heads and acrylic diffusers.

Revolta offers a unique and decorative solution to soften room noise with fabric-covered acoustic panels of sound-absorptive foam. Revolta can also be used to divide large spaces into discrete areas.


LED 2x6,1W (3000K / Ang. 120º/ 350mA / >80 CRI ) Universal Voltage (included) Typ 2x703 lumens /Dimmable Triac

LED 2x6,1W (2700K / Ang. 120º / 350mA/ >80 CRI )Universal Voltage (included) Typ 2x665 lumens /Dimmable Triac



Finishes / Colors:

Finish body
  26 BLK
Finish head
  26 BLK
  61 S GLD


Finish body
  71 WH S

Finish head
  71 WH S


Finish acoustic panel

82 BL Blue

83 EGP Eggplant

84 SLM Salmon