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Precio neto: €572.00 / pc. €686.40 / pc.

Kant is a versatile collection , designed to be articulated and to orientate itself  to the light we need.

This is a collection that includes a metallic standing and wall lamps, with a chrome, white or red finishing, which their straight line design shows architectural pure shape. Their fine volumes as well as the exquisite connections of their pieces, make them subtle and elegant fixtures.

The standing version is recognized for its lightweight structure consisting of an articulated arm and swivel head with a dimmer switch, which allows for more or less light intensity when illuminated.

Both versions come with an LED light source achieving greater energy savings.

Metallic reading luminaire. Swing arm with adjustable head. A built-in dimmer can be found on the head.

LED 8W Reg/Dim ( 2700ºK , Ang. 120º, 350mA ) universal voltage. Typ.*  765 lumens (included)

Finishes / Colors:

22 CH Chrome
74 WH M White lacquer,matte,rough
98 RED Matt red