Wireflow Chandelier

Hersteller: VIBIA
Herstellerschlüssel: 0377
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  • Dimmable
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The Wireflow Chandelier lamps. The designer Arik Levy has created a collection of hanging lamps with a three dimensional form, the Wireflow Chandelier light fittings reinterprets and updates the traditional suspended lighting fixture through an exercise of simplification, bestowing a delicate and marked conceptual character to an ethereal lighting fixture.

The Wireflow Chandelier lamps are constructed from black electrical cable and a series of 3.7 Watt LED terminals. Vibia offer us a collection of Wireflow Chandeliers that includes models composed of 15, 42 and 43 diffusers.

Wireflow designed by Arik Levy. A hanging lamp which reviews and updates the chandelier look through an exercise of simplification that explores its essence and enhances its outline with great delicacy and at the same time a strong formal presence. Its appearance, as a structure of fine cables finished with 42 4.5W LED terminals, discretely connects with classic chandelier models, taking this type of lamp to a new, groundbreaking and futuristic dimension. Employing CREA product configurator software, the design can be modified to adapt to your specific project requirements.

002 04 Matt black lacquer RAL 9005
Pressed-glass diffuser
  • Canopy: Steel
  • Rods: Steel
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Diffuser: Glass
Technical characteristics
42 x LED 4,5W 350mA
Led 2700 K. CRI >80. 20591 lm. 109 lm/W.
Driver included Constant Current 350 mA.
110-240V. 50/60Hz
Dimmable: DALI, 1-10, Push.
IP20 Class I F  1
Physical characteristics
0.086x1.62x1.633 m. / Vol 0.5 m3 /
Gross weight 56. / Net weight 46.
Light distribution
General lighting:
Lamp for general lighting that equally distributes the light in all directions.
Photometric data
Efficiency: 39.88%
Coordination system: CG
Total Flux: 18897.50 lm
Maximum value: 54.74 cd/klm
Position: C=40.00 G=50.00
Isolux Floor
Light Position: X=0.00m Y=0.00m Z=2.50m
Light Rotation