Manufacturer: VIBIA
Manufacturer's code: 4800
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Net Price: £527.37 / pc. £632.84 / pc.

Designed by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez for Vibia the Bamboo floor lamps are characterised by their slender silhouette which integrate with outdoor environments in a natural manner.
This outdoors collection is ideal for lighting pathways, circulation areas as well as wide open expanses.
The Bamboo outdoor lights are manufactured in a natural colour palette: khaki, oxide (rust) and stone which Vibia produces in different versions to allow for a surface mounted or built-in installation. All the versions are equipped with LED light sources.

Bamboo is an outdoor beacon with three finishes that make it possible to camouflage and integrate it into the landscape, with the added surprise that it produces light. Available in khaki, stainless steel and off-white. Designed by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez.

068 58 Off-white matt lacquer Pantone Warm Gray 2 U
074 54 Matt oxide lacquer RAL 8017
000 07 Lacado khaki mate RAL 7006
Methacrylate diffuser
  • Diffuser: Methacrylate
  • Cane: Resin + fiberglass
Technical characteristics
1 x LED2,1W 700mA
IP64 Class I F 2 1 1
Physical characteristics
0.125x0.125x1.3 m. / Vol 0.0203 m3 /
Gross weight 4. / Net weight 3.6.
Light distribution
Photometric data
Efficiency: 26.27%
Coordination system: CG
Total Flux: 181.22 lm
Maximum value: 287.63 cd/klm
Position: C=270.00 G=50.00
Isolux Floor
Light Position: X=0.00m Y=0.00m Z=0.56m
Light Rotation