T - 3545 W
Manufacturer: Estiluz
Manufacturer's code: T - 3545 W
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Delivery time: 14-28
Net Price: £428.46 / pc. £514.15 / pc.

Metallic suspension lamp with a a circular, adjustable head and acrylic diffuser. The head slides through the stem. It can be moved up and down the stem, rotated and even removed and positioned into anoth- er unit. Additional heads available. Transparent acrylic clip to hold the cable to the body. Remote driver. Touch dimmer in the head.

LED 10W (2700K/Ang.116>80CRI/700mA) Universal Voltage (included). Typ 1437 lum. Sensor dimmer/remote driver.

74 WH M - Matt white lacquer .

Finish Head - 26 BLK - Black lacquer.